The Interpreter’s Voice: Tune-up Your Musical Instrument 

CEAA # 14-0086 (3.6 CIE credits)

This 3.0 hour, language-­neutral mini-clinic seeks to help the professional interpreter improve his/her voice quality through hands-on guided practices on: Intonation and Expressiveness, Articulation, Enunciation, Proper Breathing Techniques and Voice Projection.  Participants will learn to use their voices EFFECTIVELY for improved voice QUALITY.

  • Singers LEARN to hit that high note
  • Athletes IMPROVE their abilities
  • Interpreters LEARN voice quality


The interpreter’s tool of the trade or “musical instrument” is his/her voice, and as such, the interpreter must practice to have an effective voice that is: DISTINCT, INTELLIGIBLE, CLEAR, EASILY UNDERSTOOD and HEARD.


  • Approximately 30% lecture and 70% guided voice and speech exercises
  • Exercises: Participants  “perform”  an array of documents including: opening and closing statements, a deposition transcript, descriptive essays with proper expression, breathing and voice control.


  • Price:                 $50.00
  • Date:                  August 12, 2017
  • Time:                 10:00 – 1:00
  • Place:                Florida International University
  • Classroom:     Green Library 100B (GL 100B)

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