Interpreter’s Code of Ethics

 CEAA # 12-0038 (3.6 CIE CREDITS)

This 3.0 hour, language-neutral workshop seeks to enhance the interpreter’s knowledge of the Code of Professional Ethics to enable him/her to better handle on-the-job ethical situations that may and do arise. Interpreters are constantly faced with challenging moments while fulfilling their duties in the legal setting: difficulties with proper register, slang, idiomatic expressions, obscenities, attorneys questioning the accuracy of the translation, and others.

This workshop will focus on reinforcing the importance of the Interpreter’s Code of Professional Ethics:  

Interpreter’s Code of Ethics

  • Accuracy
  • Impartiality & Neutrality
  • Confidentiality
  • Never Give Legal Advice or Opinions
  • Maintaining Proper Professional Relations
  • Commitment to Continuing Education and Professional Development


  • Approximately 30% lecture and 70% guided exercises 
  • Exercises: Role-play, Case Studies, and accuracy techniques
  • Q & A and group discussions