Boot Camp Interpreter Training Series

Get ready to learn a a fast-paced, high intensity level that is right on point. Buckle up!” – Craig

The Boot Camp Training Series has been developed to give the interpreter-in-training incrementally challenging practice with the skills and techniques required to eventually pass the State Interpreter Certification Exams.

The Series includes:

  • State Written Exam Preparation Boot Camp
  • State Oral Exam Preparation Boot Camp–LEVEL 1: Beginner to Intermediate
  • State Oral Exam Preparation Boot Camp–LEVEL 2:Intermediate to Advanced
  • State Oral Exam Preparation Boot Camp–LEVEL 3: Advanced

All training materials are original and designed to  expand your legal vocabulary and command of industry-specific terms. Incremental practice is essential to interpreter skills building in all three interpretive modes:

  • Sight Translation (ST)
  • Consecutive Interpreting (CI)
  • Simultaneous Interpreting (SI)

State Written Exam Preparation Boot Camp (6 hours)

GOAL: familiarize participants with the test format to minimize test-day jitters and improve ENGLISH SKILLS.

This practical workshop will help you get a “LEG UP” on the State Interpreter Certification WRITTEN Exam. This intense ENGLISH ONLY workshop was developed to enhance your test-taking skills and give you that extra dose of self-confidence through targeted practice in the three central testing areas:

  • English Language–grammar, synonyms, antonyms and idioms
  • Judicial System &  Court-Related Terms  
  • Interpreter Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

The instructor employs the communicative teaching method acting as a coach while challenging and guiding the participants through a series of sample exam exercises designed to expand your test-taking skills through targeted practice. 

 Karen, I took the state written exam today, and passed! Your workshop definitely gave me an edge. – Ginny