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3.6 CIEs – CEAA# 16-0142

PART I: Legalization of Documents

This intense 3.0-hour interpreter training course (language neutral) seeks to enhance the professional interpreter’s understanding of the Protocol (Chain of Legalization) required for presenting legal documents from one country to another so that they are considered legally binding.

  • An in-depth history of the Hague Convention and the “Apostille”
    Polish the professional skills you already possess!
  • International Document Protocol — Chain of Legalization

PART II: Sight Translation (Civil)

Civil law cases often present specific challenges to the court interpreter given the highly formal register contained therein. In order to properly and concisely sight translate documents used in civil court proceedings and depositions, interpreters must become familiar with formulaic legal language.

  • Sight Translation technique 
  • Formulaic Language and Civil Terminology
  • Intense practice with authentic court documents adapted from actual cases.

Interpreters are constantly faced with challenging moments while fulfilling their duties due to the interpreter’s lack of understanding of the legal concepts and terminology. This course seeks to demystify these challenging topics.