Consecutive Interpreting – Advanced Skills Building

CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING – ADVANCED SKILLS BUILDING CEAA # 17-0189 (4.2 CIEs) West Palm Beach – September 15, 2017! This 3.5 hour, language-neutral skills-building workshop will help the professional interpreter and trainee improve his/her Consecutive Interpreting skills through hands-on, guided consecutive interpreting practice with: Memory Visualization Notetaking Proper Register (formal and informal) Intonation and Expression Learning to […]


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State Interpreter Oral Exam Prep: Intense Practice – SPANISH

STATE COURT INTERPRETER ORAL EXAM   INTENSE PRACTICE: SPANISH Saturday, August 5, 2017  (9:00 – 4:00) REDUCE TEST-DAY JITTERS! INDIVIDUAL & GROUP PRACTICE WITH EVALUATION! EXAM-BASED EXERCISES!  Prof. Karen Borgenheimer is excited to announce the upcoming State Court Interpreter Oral Exam Prep: INTENSE PRACTICE BOOTCAMP for Spanish-language interpreter trainees. This 6 – hour  INTENSE PRACTICE workshop is designed to POLISH the examinee’s skills […]


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State Interpreter Oral Exam Prep: INTENSE PRACTICE II

STATE COURT INTERPRETER ORAL EXAM BOOTCAMP  INTENSE PRACTICE II: SPANISH Sunday, April 23, 2017 9:00 – 4:00 MIAMI, FL REDUCE TEST-DAY JITTERS!  GROUP PRACTICE INDIVIDUAL EVALUATION EXAM-BASED ORIGINAL MATERIALS Professor Karen Borgenheimer is excited to announce her upcoming course State Court Interpreter Oral Exam Prep workshop: INTENSE PRACTICE BOOTCAMP II  for Spanish-language trainees. This 6-hour INTENSE PRACTICE […]



Spain 2016: Interpreter Conference Highlights

Spain 2016: Interpreter Conference was a success! Participants attended classes at the Real Centro Universitario “María Cristina” to prepare for their unprecedented visit to the Madrid Courts at Plaza de Castillo to observe trials. Quite the experience. In addition to classwork, participants visited Segovia, Avila and Toledo. Interesting plans are underway for Spain 2017: Interpreter […]


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PUNTOS CLAVES: leísmo, laísmo y loísmo

PUNTOS CLAVES DE LA GRAMÁTICA ESPAÑOLA por la FUNDACIÓN DEL ESPAÑOL URGENTE Leísmo, laísmo y loísmo… Los pronombres le, la, lo y sus correspondientes plurales son motivo de dudas y no es raro que se usen impropiamente en lo que se conoce comoleísmo, laísmo y loísmo, respectivamente. A continuación se ofrece una serie de pautas para su […]


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New! Interpreter Training in Spain!

Learn, explore, breathe fresh mountain air in historic San Lorenzo de El Escorial Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime Interpreter Training experience near Madrid, Spain, the country that brought the Spanish language to the Americas!  Visiting the “Mother Land” is the perfect way to improve your interpreting skills. You’ll benefit from intense practice and you’ll add […]